Patient Experience


Sonic Ice
& Fresno State

Amy Wright, Marketing Director

June 8, 2021

During my interview for my position with JOL Healthcare, I made a joke about being caffeinated.  Some of us preferred hot caffeine, others cold.  While we were debating the virtues of coffee over Diet Coke, one leader expressed he preferred straight water, but it had to be from Sonic.

“Why?” I asked.

“…because of the ice,” he replied.

“The…  ice?” I questioned.

“Oh, yeah,” chimed in CEO, Sarah Files.  “I bought a refrigerator based on its claim that it made Sonic ice.”

“What’s so special about Sonic ice?” I asked, still a little incredulous.

While the team couldn’t exactly put their finger on it, they were in complete agreement that there was just something particular and special about Sonic ice that made it worth an out of the way trip or a special purchase.

That’s what we strive for in terms of patient experience.

Even if you can’t quite put it into words, we want to give you the sense that there is something special about JOL Healthcare by how we communicate and by how well our interdisciplinary teams work across service lines and with our referral and community partners to provide the very best in patient care.

CFO, Aaron Vixie, shared that in his college volleyball days, he recalled there being something special about Fresno State.  When that team took the court, there was something about how they carried themselves, how they played together – even how their hair laid just so – that was almost…  magical.

We want the same to be true of Team JOL.

Team JOL plays to win!  For us, that win comes in being the very best place for people to work for people to receive their care.